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We decided to go LoCo!
Starting with our name "Loco" (Loudon County) our vision was to bring an entertainment icon of the past, but with a totally new spin on it, utilizing modern technology in a situation never before tried. The brainchild of a local entrepreneur, this day or night venue provides a wide variety of entertainment options and is set to continue to expand those options!

Located right off Exit 72 on I-75 (Loudon), The LoCo Drive-In will feature the latest LED technology video board with day and night viewing capabilities. We plan to present movies, sporting events, concerts, and more, catering to all ages and demographics, and connecting our local communities.

At The LoCo, our day-to-day function will center on drive-in movies. Features will range from the classics to children's movies to the latest blockbusters - meaning there will be a movie for everyone almost every single weekend!

The LoCo Concession Stand will offer the usual theater snacks like popcorn, soft drinks, and candy, as well as beer for the adults! We will also be partnering with local food trucks each night to create a wider variety of food options for our guests to enjoy, all while supporting local vendors and small businesses like ours. Please plan to join us for dinner and a movie!

The LoCo daily movie and food trucks features will be posted on our site soon. Thank you, again, for visiting us - and please stay tuned for upcoming, important announcements.

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